Building the
Next Horizon In
Financial Services

We’re creating a platform bringing together entrepreneurs to innovate the next generation of asset management, wealth management and SMB banking technology.


Leading Innovation
In Investments

We’re modernizing asset management for investors and advisors through Purpose Investments, our outcome-oriented investment strategy with over $10 billion in assets under management.


Creating Independence For Investment Advisors
Through Technology

We’re making key infrastructure accessible to independent wealth advisors and portfolio managers through Purpose Advisory Solutions, an innovative wealth-as-a-service platform for managers seeking to take ownership of their business and client experience


Funding the
Heart of the Economy

We’re making capital more accessible to business owners and entrepreneur through Thinking Capital, a technology-based lending platform that has provided more than $1 billion in funding to over 16,000 Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses

Our Business

The Purpose Financial platform is focused on leading innovation in three key areas


Developing investment strategies to modernize the industry on behalf of our clients

Wealth Management

Helping independent wealth advisors provide a better financial journey for their clients

SMB Banking

Building the Financial Operating System for Small Businesses


Our Values

The vision, boldness and entrepreneurial spirit we founded Purpose with are core to how we evolve our business. As we continue to grow, our values anchor us, guide our inspiration and remind us of what we’re working to achieve.

Our is mission is to be the customer-first platform that leads innovation in financial services.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. As we imagine and build the future of the financial services industry, everything we do is with our customers front and centre.


We don’t settle for anything less than the best across all our businesses. We have the honesty to admit where we are wrong and the courage to change so we always ultimately do what’s best for our clients.

Leading Innovation

We push ourselves to think ahead and be the visionary leaders the financial industry needs. We learn from our mistakes, work with humility, and aren’t afraid to colour outside of the lines. We continuously optimize and improve everything that we do.

Think Like Owners

We’re a home for the most courageous, curious and passionate experts around. We encourage and trust our team to put themselves in our customers’ shoes as they express their talents, bring their ideas to life, and push themselves — and our business — forward.

Groundbreaking Ideas Start with a Conversation

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