We believe the industry’s potential is limitless… and we’re just scratching the surface.

When an industry stops innovating, it starts stagnating. We believe that for our industry to truly thrive, it's in need of a seismic shift that actually puts people at the centre of it. That's why we founded Purpose – we know how to make shift happen.

We began by simply looking at the customer journey and asking, how do we solve for their problems or help them succeed? This vision has since guided us in everything we do. Every innovative solution. Innovation born from human problems and bred with the determination to create new pathways to success. To help those willing to put in the work get more out of it. Rewarding those brave enough to take calculated risks and ambitious enough to try something new.

There is still plenty left to do to achieve our mission. We have the team, the vision, and the motivation to continue building a company that reinvents financial services on behalf of those who are excited about tomorrow.


Purpose Investments is founded by Som Seif, previous founder of Claymore Investments – an innovator in Exchange Traded Funds that was bought by BlackRock.

The mission is to build the firm where thoughtful Canadians could invest, by building a modern asset management approach that focused on outcome-oriented investment products and risk management to help our clients achieve long-term objectives to realize their true success.


Purpose Investments surpasses $1B in assets under management (AUM).


Purpose Investments acquires Redwood Asset Management to expand its investment management capabilities by adding expert active management.


OMERS, one of Canada’s largest pension funds, joins us to create Purpose Unlimited and invest in a strategic partnership that will support our vision and accelerate growth.

Purpose Unlimited supports the founding and invests in d1g1t, a digital end-to-end wealth management software platform that supports the advisor community.

Purpose Unlimited incubates and invests in Ario, a modern digital banking software platform enabling embedded financial services to SMB customers, including lending as a service.

Purpose Investments acquires assets from LOGIQ Asset Management to accelerate scale and add key portfolio management talent in active credit, equities, and multi-asset portfolios.

Purpose incubates and launches Purpose Advisor Solutions, a wealth technology operating platform enabling the future of independent advisory in Canada.


Purpose Unlimited acquires Thinking Capital, the largest non-bank small business lender in Canada, a key piece in our vision to build an SMB financial platform.

Purpose launches Ether Capital (NEO: ETHC) by bringing together a group of partners spanning venture capital, financial services, and deep blockchain domain expertise to create the first publicly listed company in the world dedicated to Ethereum, Web 3 movement, and decentralized finance (DeFi).


Purpose Advisor Solutions acquires Wealthsimple for Advisors, a provider of technology-enabled solutions for advisors and financial planners, consolidating the two leading independent advisor platforms in Canada and further strengthening Purpose's position in supporting advisors to build modern independent wealth practices.

Thinking Capital, Ario, and CreditGenie are amalgamated to create a Purpose SMB platform offering an integrated suite of data-driven financial products and applications supporting Canadian SMBs with cash flow management and credit.

Assets across the Purpose platform exceed $12B, less than 8 years after its founding.


Allianz X, the digital investments unit of the German-based Allianz Group, invests in Purpose Unlimited to further accelerate growth and expand product development across the platform.

Purpose inaugurates the Purpose Digital Asset Platform, with the launch of the world's first Bitcoin and Ether ETFs.

Purpose incubates and launches the Longevity Retirement Platform, a consumer finance platform focused on supporting the journey of individuals in their post-work years. Purpose innovates the Longevity Pension Fund, the world's first Income for Life mutual fund, to solve for one of the most important social problems in society, providing income security for post-work years.

Assets across the Purpose platform exceed $17B.