Our Platforms

We focus on three core areas of financial services, all connected by the common theme of customer-focused innovation. While each business is uniquely positioned for independent growth, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each team provides complementary value to all the others, mutually enhancing their capabilities and supercharging success for them all.

Purpose Investments is a modern investment management firm, focused on outcome-oriented strategies through traditional, alternative and direct-origination capabilities. It leads innovation in making pension-style quality investments accessible to all investors, big or small, to help them realize their goals for meaningful long-term success.

Ario, Thinking Capital and Credit Genie are the backbones of our SMB banking solutions platform, combining technological infrastructure and modernized financing. Together, they work to enable any incumbent financial institution or entreprise partner to offer a variety of financial products through a customer-focused digital experience.

Purpose Advisor Solutions is creating a complete, end-to-end platform to enable wealth advisors to independently begin, grow and manage their own businesses. It innovates wealth-as-a-service, simplifying all aspects of the advisory business — including client migration, trade execution, portfolio management and regulatory requirements — so advisors can focus on fostering meaningful client relationships.

Our Current Strategic Investments